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        Corporate Headshots for the Modern Day

        If you’re part of the fast-paced corporate world of today and don’t have a modern, updated headshot, you’re making a critical mistake. It’s imperative to have your online and social media presence in top shape, as sites like LinkedIn, not to mention Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, play an increasingly important role in how we conduct business that only grows more and more prominent every year.  

        There are plenty of other reasons you might want a corporate headshot as well. Imagine if you were featured in a newspaper, magazine, or website, and didn’t have a professional shot you are happy with for them to use! On the other hand, having a professional roster of corporate headshots online featuring your employees is one of the best ways companies can make customers feel comfortable and present a personable, approachable public face.

        One of the main mistakes companies make is presenting a mixture of different headshots for their workers that are taken by an amateur, lack post-processing, and have a mixture of different styles and backgrounds. In this day and age, there’s no excuse for not having a cohesive, unified set of headshots that on its very face tells the customer that you know how to work together and have a strong team to help them. 

        That’s where I can help you out. With my years of experience, personal dedication to the art of photography, and professional equipment and studio, I can bring the best out of you as an individual or an entire team all at once. In business, first impressions are everything, and I can ensure you make the best impression possible.  

        So, whether you’re a CEO, self-employed, or starting an online business, if you don’t have a modern, updated corporate headshot that you are totally in love with, it’s time to contact an expert photographer. I can put all the pieces together to create an image you love, and one that you can use again and again to help your business grow and make customers feel comfortable hiring you. 

        A good headshot can not only help you get business, but if you’re looking for a job it can help your resume stand out as well. Company websites, resumes, social media profiles, press releases, and business cards are just a few of the many important ways a proper corporate headshot can help you succeed.

        Don’t neglect this important aspect of making a strong first impression. Contact me today and we will set an appointment to begin the process of taking a corporate headshot that you love, will offer you great value, and can be used again and again in many different settings.