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        Put Your Best Face Forward with a Professional Headshot

        Tons of different people need headshots these days – not only actors, but entrepreneurs, business owners, or maybe even just those on a dating site! In the digital, internet age, having a set of pictures where you look the best you possibly can is incredibly valuable and provides excellent value you can use again and again.

        Only a professional can get you the results you need, and that’s where I come in. Professional headshots can bring out your full beauty in a way that amateur shots just will never be able to compete with. Natural poses, the right angles, good lighting, and the right technical settings and equipment are the keys to getting a good headshot that will open doors for you and create a great first impression.  

        On top of all this, you’ll have to have the right location, backdrop, makeup advice, wardrobe styling, hair, and everything else that goes into capturing the perfect “you”. It’s a lot to consider, and that’s why you need a professional who has the years of experience necessary to get it right every time. 

        Since a headshot is likely to be the first impression many people have of you, it’s important to retouch the final product just right, in a way that can remove minor blemishes, stray hairs, and any other minor annoyance. Often, these aren’t noticeable in real life but will help a picture stand out as more composed and professional when removed. With my experience, you can trust that the post-processing will be done with the finest tools available in a way that is beautiful and compelling but still retains a life-like quality that isn’t overdone.  

        Small details can have a powerful subconscious effect on a headshot. Poses, colors, backdrops and more can impact how people perceive you, and from there impact your personal, financial, and emotional success. Investing in a quality headshot is one of the best initial investments into a successful business or any other goal you have that you can make.

        When you work with me, we will work together to achieve your personal goals. Everyone’s perfect headshot is different and unique, just like them. Together, we can create the perfect portrait of you that captures your personality, interests, and professional expertise in a way that makes you look your best every time.  

        No matter what your needs are: branding, acting, corporate, running an online business, dating, or anything else, I can help you get the results you need. Contact me today and we will begin working towards creating a final headshot you will love!