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        Why Using a Professional Makeup Artist is Crucial for Your Headshot Session

        You’re approaching your Headshot day, Woohoo! You’ve got your wardrobe in check, looks aligned with the types of roles you go out for, booked out for the day, playlist ready…you feel like you’ve got it all covered!

        BUT WAIT! What about your hair and makeup for the day? “Oh, I can do it myself” you say. 99% of the time, you can’t, or at least you shouldn’t. Unless you do makeup professionally, I would highly recommend bringing in a pro for the job. My Headshot Tip of the day – please hire a Makeup Artist. Not just any makeup artist, but one who specializes in headshots and knows the industry in and out. A makeup artist who consistently does makeup for headshots and works with other headshot photographers will help determine the best looks for you and work with your needs. They understand makeup applications with specific lighting, wardrobe colors and will simply make your day much more of a breeze! 

        Below are some examples of beautiful, natural, “no makeup – makeup” looks from my past clients:

        I’ve asked Pro makeup artist, Vanessa Logan, owner of Beauty Virtue to advise on the importance of this. I’ve worked with Vanessa on various shoots and she is a true professional who understands her clients needs.

        “Not all lighting is created equal. How your makeup looks in your bathroom vs. your car vs. a professional photographer’s set up can be so SO different.  Color choices and the way you apply the makeup can completely change the outcome of your pictures if they don’t harmonize with the shot you’re creating. A pro can arrange hair placement from shot to shot and is able to monitor things a photographer is too busy to be watching for, and that means that each shot will be usable and you’ll have more options and save money on retouching. A good makeup artist whose field of expertise is headshots specifically will help you think through makeup decisions that are right for you so you can be in the center of your target casting…and if they’re really good at their craft, they’ll sometimes know details as specific as the amount of eyeliner used on a Shonda Rhimes show vs. a Greg Berlanti show–so your shots can help get you exactly where you want to go.”

        I feel like there’s a stigma that a makeup artist will apply too much or not make the client look like themselves. Here’s the thing, a professional headshot makeup artist will work with your needs, looks for the day and discuss how you typically wear your makeup/hair for auditions and your brand. This is a collaborative effort! If you’re ever not happy with anything, bring it up to both the makeup artist and Photographer. These are your headshots and you’re in charge! 

        Vanessa’s work can also be viewed on Instagram @BeautyVirtue

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