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        Your Weekly Dose of all things Headshots

        I share tips from my personal experience as a Photographer in this industry for over 10 years alongside interviews with various industry leaders and shakers. I want you to feel empowered, ready to invest in yourself and prepared to tackle what this industry throws your way.

        October 1, 2019

        Headshot Tip: Use a Makeup Artist

        Why Using a Professional Makeup Artist is Crucial for Your Headshot Session You're approaching your Headshot day, Woohoo! You've got your wardrobe in check, looks aligned with the types of roles y...
        September 25, 2019

        Are Headshots Really That Important?

        "Headshots are cheesy" "They are not crucial" "You can take them yourself" ...These are stigmas I often hear actors whispering around town. After years of working in the entertainment industry in Los...