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          Los Angeles Headshot and Branding Photographer | Kim Alexis Photography

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          Hey, I’m Kim
          Why choose me for your Headshots?

          With over 10 years of experience as a professional photographer in Los Angeles, I incorporate my background in Portrait and Set Photography in creating headshots that POP!
          I want you to stand out amongst all the other cookie cutter, expression-less headshots. I want my headshot session with you to be an experience where you're empowered, comfortable to let loose, and actively in the moment with every shot.

          My Clients

          "Kim is FANTASTIC! She made me feel extremely comfortable and gave great direction. She had such great information on what to wear for each role I was looking to be cast for. Her skill level on editing is exquisite. Overall, Kim comes highly recommended in my eyes."

          - India, Actress



          "Kim was awesome! She has a real knack for getting you comfortable and getting that great shot. I would highly recommend Kim for any portrait photography needs!"

          - Brie, BCG Attorney Search

          My Clients

          "Shooting with Kim was a fantastic experience. I LOVE my pics and my theatrical and commercial reps were over the moon with her work. I highly recommend her!"

          - Jessie, Actress

          Your Dose of All Things Headshots

          Photography is an involved, intricate, and personal art form that must be done correctly from shoot to shoot and person to person. No two people are the same, and no two pictures can be shot exactly the same either.

          When you work with me, you’ll get all the benefits of a professional photographer at reasonable prices. I love working with people to find the right atmosphere, pose, lighting, and all the other dynamics to get the best shot possible. When you look your best in a headshot, you will have better luck with jobs, creative opportunities, and so much more.  

          When you shoot yourself or try an amateur shoot, you’ll have to get lucky to get everything exactly right. With a professional photographer who has years of experience, you can rest assured that you’ll come out looking your best every time. It takes tremendous knowledge, tools, and experience to get the job done right, and I have what it takes to provide you with a beautiful set of headshots and portraits that can put your best face forward and land you the spot you have always dreamed about. 

          Capturing the perfect shot requires a delicate balance of certain artistic elements, compositional techniques, and post-processing. Knowing how to pose a subject, bring out their personality, find the perfect moment to capture when all the elements align, and create the vision for the right shot is just the beginning.  

          Focal length can dramatically change your appearance, and I have studied these techniques for years to get them just right for each individual. From choosing the right lens aperture to professional lighting, I always ensure that the final product is perfect, polished, and pleasing to you. Not ensuring these technical aspects of photography are conducted properly can lead to a picture that doesn’t look right, and you won’t even know why.  

          Flash settings, exposure, and angles can make a huge difference. Post-processing can fix some errors from amateurs, but only a properly taken picture can be processed for the best results. When you work with me, you will get a photographer with professional equipment, experience using it, and the best post-processing software on the market today, leaving you with a final product that is professionally edited and brings out your beauty, but still looks natural and true to life.  

          No matter what type of portrait or headshot you are looking for, we can make it happen together. Contact me today and book an appointment, and we will get started providing you with the best shots possible so you can achieve your goals and put your best face forward!